Inside Advice: Helping Families Deal with Military Deployment

We believe in strong families.  Families can be incredibly resilient, stretching to accommodate all kinds of unnatural events (like war) or they can be fragile, shattering at the least disturbance.

There are lots of experts who can offer advice in the abstract, but sometimes the best advice comes from real life – from inside the families that are coping with it.

The article tells the story of a National Guardsman, who while deployed in Iraq, created a story to teach his daughters how to help the family thrive despite his extended absence. 

The Fairy Child is the book that Dad wrote.  In it, a fairy world of challenges overlays the events of real life, and lessons are learned chapter by chapter.  Amazon lets you read many pages online to see if it’s for you. 

Do you know families that are impacted by deployment of Mom or Dad?  This book might make an ideal gift.

Original Story on (with link to Amazon for the book)

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