Modification of Orders

Birmingham Child Support Modification Attorney

When circumstances change, you may need to modify or enforce support or custody orders.

After a divorce, circumstances can change. Incomes may increase or decrease. One of the former spouses may lose a job. A child may need additional care because of health issues. A parent or home environment may become unfit. Life happens – and court orders may need to be modified to meet the changes life brings.

  • In Alabama, modification of a divorce decree requires that there be a “change in circumstance” since the last order in the case.
  • There are many reasons why child custody plans may need to be modified.
  • A change in income may require a change in child support obligations.
  • If an alimony increase or decrease is needed because of a change in circumstances, the change in spousal maintenance requires a modification by the court.
  • If one former spouse is not abiding by the court orders regarding spousal support, child support, custody or parenting time (visitation), the court can be asked to enforce its orders.
  • Property division cannot be modified, but orders regarding property can be enforced.

It is not sufficient for two former spouses to simply agree to a change in support, custody, visitation, or any other aspect of the court order. The court made the orders, and only the court can modify the orders. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the modification process.

To modify court orders, talk to a family law attorney.

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