Property Division

Alabama Division Of Property Attorney

In Alabama, equitable division is the legal standard for dividing assets in a divorce.

It can be a challenging – and often litigious – task to divide assets and debts in a divorce. Alabama courts strive for an equitable division. “Equitable” does not always mean equal, but it does mean fair.

  • What is fair? That is based on a combination of circumstances unique to each marriage.
  • In addition to assets, debts must be divided.
  • All assets need to be listed – the family home, other real estate, cars, jewelry, art, stock portfolios, retirement accounts, anything of value.
  • What was the source of the property? Was property inherited by one spouse? Was the property a gift from one spouse’s family?
  • What contributions did each spouse make to the marriage?
  • Is there a family-owned business?

Discovery is an important aspect of property division. All property must be listed and valued. In the case of a family-owned business, a business valuation is necessary. It is impractical to liquidate all assets, so it is important to have an attorney who understands financial issues and how to fairly represent your interests in negotiations.

Alabama division of property lawyer, Candi Peeples, has extensive experience in property division, including the complex issues that arise in high-asset divorces.

The decisions reached during property division have a direct impact on your life going forward after divorce. It is essential to give property and debt division the time and attention it requires.

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