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Monthly Archives: September 2021


How To Prepare Before Filing For Divorce

By Peeples Law |

Divorce can feel daunting. It may be hard to know how to approach it or what a “baby step” toward divorce would even look like. In reality, there are a lot of things you can do as you consider and prepare for divorce before you even file for it. The best thing that you… Read More »

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How Long Does A Divorce Take In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

If you are considering pursuing divorce in Alabama, you may wish that you could just fast-forward to the end where your marriage is dissolved. Divorces can be long, costly, and emotionally complex. They can feel all-consuming, and contentious divorce proceedings can drag on. While the timeline for each divorce ultimately varies based on the… Read More »

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Do I Qualify For Alimony In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

When you begin considering divorce there are likely hundreds of thoughts and questions running through your mind. Depending on your circumstances, one of them might be how you will afford to live without your partner’s financial support. In many marriages, one spouse has sacrificed their education or career in order to support the family… Read More »

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