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Monthly Archives: June 2022


How To Stop Children’s Expenses From Being A Constant Source Of Conflict When Co-Parenting

By Peeples Law |

The level of conflict and animosity involved in divorce and co-parenting varies widely from one couple to another.  In some cases, you might not see your ex-spouse’s worst side until your divorce is already final and your ex is jealous of how well you and your children seem to be getting along as a… Read More »

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How Does The Court Decide How Much Alimony You Get In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

Even though alimony has been a favorite source of material for standup comedians for decades, it is somewhat overhyped in the media.  Most divorces do not involve alimony, and when the court awards one ex-spouse to pay alimony, it is usually only for a few years.  In some cases where one spouse obviously needs… Read More »

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How Does It Affect Your Family Law Case If Your Ex Does Not Live In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

These days, everyone is on the move.  Even though Alabama has its share of small towns where most families have been there for generations and everyone knows everyone else, there are also plenty of reasons to move to Alabama, whether you moved here because of your military or civilian career or you followed a… Read More »

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Can Different Children In The Same Family Have Different Custody Arrangements?

By Peeples Law |

Divorce is hard for everyone, but it is the hardest for families with minor children.  Divorce lawyers and mediators will tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for co-parenting.  You might know a family that has a harmonious co-parenting relationship to which you could only aspire, and you might know another family where… Read More »

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