Filing For Divorce In Alabama

An experienced divorce lawyer can guide you in making decisions.

The decisions you make during a divorce will have an effect on the next phase of your life – life after divorce. Make sure you have a lawyer who helps you make those decisions calmly and thoughtfully, and one familiar with divorce law in Alabama.

  • Uncontested divorce: When you and your spouse agree about property division and other issues, an uncontested divorce can cost less in time and money.
  • Property division: In Alabama, the standard is an equitable division of property.
  • High-asset divorce: When a family business and substantial assets are involved, you need a lawyer with experience in high-asset property division and divorce laws, Birmingham AL.
  • Alimony: The court will consider a number of factors when determining spousal maintenance.
  • Legal separation: For some couple, legal separation may be the right choice, but that still requires a division of property.
  • Mediation: Mediation can give both parties an opportunity to openly discuss issues with complete confidentiality from the mediator.
  • Appeals: When divorce orders are inaccurate, an appeal must be filed within 45 days.

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