Birmingham Alimony Attorneys and
St.Clair County AL Divorce Lawyers

Discuss spousal support with a lawyer who can explain how Alabama law affects you.

No matter what your circumstances – the spouse expected to pay spousal maintenance or the one who is seeking alimony – you need to understand how Alabama law and courts are likely to rule in your particular situation.

  • There are many factors the court must consider in determining whether alimony should be awarded in each case.
  • Unlike child support, there are no standard formulas, no established calculations, for alimony.
  • Spousal support is based on one spouse’s needs versus the other spouse’s ability to pay.
  • The discovery process identifies all sources of income for both parties.
  • Our law firm works with clients to allocate and identify expenses and determine budgets.

In some cases, alimony is a means of balancing the scales to ensure both spouse are prepared for life after divorce. Birmingham alimony lawyer, Candi Peeples, can review your income and expenses and explain your rights and obligations.

Will your divorce settlement include alimony? Consult an experienced St. Clair County AL divorce lawyer.

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