Gardendale AL Divorce Lawyers – Appeals

Does the court’s decree need to be modified?

After your divorce is final, what recourse do you have if there is a mistake or something that you believe needs to be changed in the decree? Post-divorce appeals in Alabama must be filed within 45 days of the final divorce decree.

Gardendale AL divorce attorney, Candi Peeples has the family law experience and in-depth legal knowledge to file effective, timely appeals.

  • Our law firm handles appeals for our clients and for clients of other attorneys who may do appellate practice.
  • You must act quickly – within 45 days – to file an appeal. Once this time has passed there is no right to appeal.
  • The divorce decree is an important document. Accuracy is essential.

The divorce decree is an important document that preserves all the decisions approved by the court. If changes are needed, consult an appellate lawyer who will act quickly.

To change or challenge a court decision, talk to an appeals attorney.

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