Homewood AL Divorce Attorneys – Mediation

Mediation is a safe zone to discuss and settle your case.

Divorce can cost time and money – time and money that would be better spent in the after-divorce phase of life. In the most common form, mediation consists of five people: a certified mediator, the two spouses, and each spouse’s lawyer.

Homewood AL divorce lawyer, Candi Peeples, is a certified mediator.

Candi Peeples can serve as a mediator or as your lawyer in the mediation process, but not as both. Through mediation, the spouses can each be heard as they express their concerns about the divorce settlement, property division, child custody and other issues.

  • Mediation is a voluntary process.
  • Mediation involves getting everyone thinking and talking about resolving and settling issues.
  • Whatever happens, if the parties cannot reach agreement and decide to go to court, the mediator cannot testify about what was said in mediation. The discussions are confidential.
  • The mediator facilitates discussion, but does not make decisions.

Candi Peeples has focused solely on family law since law school. She is sought nationally as a speaker in family law forums. And she is a certified divorce mediator.

 If mediation is your choice, call 205-403-5577.

Mediation ensures that both spouses are given the time to express their concerns and offer suggestions for a negotiated settlement. Contact us if you need a Homewood AL divorce attorney or a certified mediator to represent you in family law mediation.