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Attorney Candi Peeples is a trial lawyer, always on your side and always prepared to represent you.

Birmingham Divorce Lawyer

Helping You Plan For Your Future

Birmingham Family Law & Divorce

Helping You Plan for Your Future

Peeples Law is a Birmingham family law firm serving families throughout Alabama. Divorce and Family law is our only areas of practice; when you retain Peeples Law, you’ll be served by an attorney whose experience is focused exclusively on family law and divorce. Our Birmingham divorce lawyers and staff work together and take a team approach to your case so that we can be accessible to you and responsive to you whenever you need us.

Helping Individuals and Families Get to the Other Side of Divorce

Our philosophy at Peeples Law is that every case can be worked out if the parties are willing and able to communicate with one another or work through their attorneys for a resolution that meets both parties’ needs. Our attorney’s are certified mediators skilled at bringing parties together, can help you settle your divorce outside of court , with less delay, and in a manner that addresses your needs and goals and those of your children and family.

Our firm will work to settle your case amicably because we believe it generates the best result for you and your children, but we never settle a case just to settle it, and we are never afraid to go to court when necessary to protect your rights and fight to get what’s best for you. Call Peeples Law for help with a contested or uncontested divorce, family law mediation or appeals, legal separation, or assistance with alimony, child custody and support, or property division. Peeples Law has particular expertise in high-asset divorce cases.

Helping Couples and Surrogates With Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Peeples Law advises and represents couples and surrogates through the legal issues associated with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), from negotiating and drafting gestational carrier agreements to ensuring parentage is established appropriately under Alabama law. Fertility clinics and ART agencies recognize Peeples Law as a capable authority in this area and frequently refer their clients here to handle the legal aspect of ART. Whether you are excited at the prospect of becoming parents or performing a noble service to help a couple grow their family, Peeples Law can help ensure the process goes smoothly with your legal rights and interests fully protected and well-represented.

Helping Families With the Full Range of Alabama Family Law Matters

Peeples Law is a full-service divorce and family law firm here to address any of your family law needs. Call Peeples Law in Birmingham for help with any of the following issues:


Growing a family through adoption can be wonderful, but the legal process to adopt can be complex and fraught with uncertainty. Deciding to adopt and committing to the process only to have it fall apart can be heartbreaking. Whether working through an adoption agency, a private adoption arrangement, or stepparent adoption, we provide guidance, support, advice and representation to help the process go smoothly and successfully.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

A prenup helps both parties enter into marriage with their eyes open regarding each other’s finances, debts and expectations regarding the division of property or payment of alimony should the marriage break down. If circumstances change during the marriage, a postnup can accomplish the same purposes of protecting each party’s needs and interests. Settling matters in advance of a split helps the parties make rational decisions that truly meet their needs and are not driven by emotions or spite. If the marriage truly was not meant to be, the parties can part ways without an expensive or drawn-out legal battle that can leave emotional scars or harm the children.

Grandparents’ Rights

We help parents and grandparents understand their rights and obligations when it comes to their children and grandchildren. We will work cooperatively to arrive at an understanding on visitation that works for everyone where possible. We will also go to court when necessary to protect the best interests of the children/grandchildren, including guardianship, adoption or dependency, as appropriate.

Juvenile Law

If your child is in trouble with the law, we can help you explore your options and find solutions that meet your family’s needs while ensuring your child is treated fairly by the justice system. Our firm handles paternity actions to ensure children receive financial support and parenting time with both parents as appropriate, as well as dependency proceedings to deal with allegations of child abuse or neglect.

Call Peeples Law for All Your Birmingham Family Law Needs

For help in Alabama divorce, ART and other family law matters, call the Birmingham divorce & family lawyers at Peeples Law at 205-403-5577.

Our Team Listens Carefully and I bring a wealth of experience to each case.
Candace B. Peeples
Candi Peeples
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Candace (Candi) Peeples has earned a reputation as a leader among family law attorneys in Alabama and the U.S. She brings her experience, focus and passion for excellence to each client she represents. Candi Graduated from the University of Georgia in 1997 and earned her law degree cum laude from Samford University Cumberland School of Law in 2000, where she was a member of the law school’s nationally recognized competitive trial teams for 2...
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5 stars review Lorem Ipsum Candi is well-versed in the family law department. She is capable of listening to your case, reviewing and providing thoughtful and intuitive direction on how to proceed. She is honest, truthful and direct, especially if she believes your case has little to no merit. She is an outside-the-box thinker...
5 stars review Lorem Ipsum Going through a divorce is a very challenging time. Candi's calm, understanding nature was important in keeping me focused on the ultimate outcome. I was able to rely on the fact that Candi had my best interest at heart, and that she was working diligently to come to a...
5 stars review Lorem Ipsum I was in a heterosexual marriage for almost 17 years with two girls involved. I was Gay and coming out and knew I needed the best legal representation due to the stigma and disagreement by many. I loved my two girls and it was no surprise to my ex-wife....
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