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Birmingham Name Change Lawyer

Changing your name is not necessarily a difficult legal step, but it does require some preparation, research, and paperwork. You will need some form of proof to legally change your name, and it typically comes in the form of a divorce decree, a marriage certificate, or a court order changing your name. You can then use that evidence to change other official records and documents, such as your driver’s license or Social Security card. Below, our Birmingham name change lawyer explains the different processes.

Name Change Due to Marriage

When people get married, often one spouse changes their last name. In fact, this is the most common reason people want to change their name. The state of Alabama already regulates marriage through the issuance of marriage licenses, so changing your name at the same time is relatively straightforward.

Before getting married, you will need to apply at your county’s probate courts for a marriage license. The application form will ask for several pieces of information, including the new name you would like to use after the marriage. Once you are married, you will receive a marriage certificate that lists your new name. This certificate serves as your proof, so it is usually recommended that you obtain multiple certified copies of it.

Name Change Due to Divorce

Just as many people choose to change their name after getting married, many people also want to revert to their former last name after they get divorced. The family courts in Birmingham must issue a final divorce decree. When one party wants to return to their premarital name, they can ask the judge to simply include it within the final decree. Changing your name during the divorce process is easier than doing so once proceedings are finalized.

Petitioning the Court for a Name Change

If you did not legally change your name during divorce proceedings, you will have to petition the court for the change afterwards. There are other reasons people take this step, such as when one has gone through the gender transition process. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • Fill out the Form PS-12 and get it notarized
  • Provide a detailed statement of why you would like to change your name
  • Submit to a background check
  • Provide a certified copy of your birth certificate, as well as identification
  • Pay the filing fee at the time you submit your petition to the court
  • Attend a court hearing to present your case before a probate judge

Our Name Change Lawyer in Birmingham Can Help You Through the Process

Legally changing your name is not necessarily difficult, but a Birmingham name change lawyer can make the process even easier. At Peeples Law, our experienced attorney can advise on the facts of your case, and the process that is most appropriate for you. We will help you fill out all forms to ensure they are correct and do not create unnecessary delays. Call us now at 205-403-5577 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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