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Our comprehensive family law practice at Peeples Law covers all aspects of family law issues, including divorce, child custody & support, assisted reproductive technology, adoption, prenups & postnups, grandparents rights, and juvenile law. Peeples Law has a team of Birmingham family lawyers with experience helping clients in the state of Alabama with a full range of family law matters. Family law is a broad field that deals with more than just divorce and child custody disputes. By practicing exclusively in family law for her career, Candace Peeples has amassed the knowledge, skills and experience needed to help families through whatever legal issues they are facing. Count on Peeples Law for all your Alabama family law needs. The firm’s primary areas of practice are listed below.


Peeples Law handles contested and uncontested divorce cases. We provide our clients the right level of help that best meets their needs, whether negotiating a marital settlement agreement, guiding couples through mediation, or providing aggressive representation in a heated court battle. We listen to you and work to achieve what matters to you most regarding issues such as alimony or property division. From legal separation to high-asset divorce and appeals, Peeples Law is committed to serving your needs.

Child Custody & Support

We understand the importance for children to have frequent and meaningful contact with both parents, even after a divorce. We work to establish feasible, practical child custody plans that include substantial parenting time or visitation for the non-custodial parent while recognizing the rights of the parent with primary custody. With decades of experience, we can help you plan for the changes you can expect and even the ones you can’t so you can deal with emergencies as they arise. Peeples Law is here for you post-divorce if you or your co-parent are seeking a change in child custody or support due to a change in needs or circumstances, including parental moves and child relocation.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

Peeples Law represents intended parents and gestational carriers in setting up the agreement and arrangement for a surrogate pregnancy. Once into the pregnancy, we are there to establish legal parentage through the courts and appropriate state agencies. Not many family law attorneys in Alabama are experienced in this niche area of family law. There are a lot of issues to consider in an ART arrangement, so call on an experienced and knowledgeable ART attorney at Peeples Law for help.


From agency adoption and private adoptions to stepparent adoptions, our firm is here to guide you through the legal process to make sure your adoption proceeds smoothly and concludes successfully with minimal cost, anxiety or stress. Adoption is a happy time for the parents, the children, and the family law attorney blessed with the opportunity to help a family grow. We are committed to making this process as easy and positive as possible.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenups and postnups protect both parties by making sure both parties are taken care of and not taken advantage of in the event of a divorce, the death of a spouse, or some other contingency named in the agreement. Marital agreements provide peace of mind, but they must also be valid and enforceable should they ever be needed. Attention to detail is a hallmark of the experience at Peeples Law.

Grandparents’ Rights

Grandparents play an important part in their grandchildren’s lives, but their rights to visitation are largely in the hands of the parents. What can grandparents do if parents deny access to their grandchildren? Does the problem get better or worse if the parents get divorced? Peeples Law can help you understand your rights as a parent or grandparent and can work with you and your family to come up with a workable arrangement in the child’s best interest whenever possible. If you feel the need to intervene through legal proceedings for the welfare of a child, we can advise you on the best path forward and represent you accordingly.

Juvenile Law

We provide legal services to parents seeking to establish paternity, and for children in need of dependency actions to ensure their safety and health. These are critical years; count on Peeples Law for compassionate advice and passionate representation in the juvenile and family courts.

Call Peeples Law in Birmingham for All Your Family Law Needs

For help with divorce, child custody, adoption, or other family law matters, call Peeples Law at 205-403-5577 to discuss your needs with a caring, skilled and experienced Birmingham family lawyer devoted to taking care of your family law needs.

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