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Birmingham Assisted Reproduction Technology Lawyer

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Today, courts recognize valid agreements for gestational surrogacy and other forms of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). While valid and enforceable in court, these agreements are still fraught with complex legal issues that must be approached diligently and sensitively by an experienced ART attorney with keen attention to detail. You’ll find precisely these qualities in attorney Candi Peeples at Peeples Law. Candi is among the most experienced Assisted Reproduction Technology lawyers in Alabama when it comes to ART agreements and their complex legal issues. Agencies recognize Candi’s high level of knowledge and experience in this area and refer their clients to Candi for their legal needs.

Representation on the Front End of ART

Before egg or sperm donation or other procedures begin, Peeples Law helps the intended parent(s) or gestational carrier set up the arrangement between the parties. This includes drafting a valid and enforceable surrogacy agreement that reflects the agreement and understanding between the parties, laying out their rights and responsibilities so there are no questions or surprises.

Here for You during all Phases of the Process

Once into the pregnancy, Candi Peeples goes to work establishing parentage from a legal standpoint. We will petition the court on your behalf and get the court to recognize the executed contract so the appropriate government agencies issue the birth certificate correctly in the name of the intended parent(s). Failing to get this stage done correct at the onset can create complications. Get this essential step accomplished correctly with the help of a skilled and knowledgeable ART attorney, Candi Peeples, at Peeples Law.

Why Call Peeples Law for Help With ART

Unlike some other states, Alabama does not have specific laws related to either traditional or gestational surrogacy. Which means that contract drafting and establishing parentage can be complex. Getting help from an experienced ART attorney is key to avoiding mistakes and making the process proceed smoothly and conclude successfully. We offer this peace of mind and diligent representation at Peeples Law.

For answers to your ART questions, call Peeples Law at 205-403-5577. We have extensive experience with the legal and medical regulations involved with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) in Alabama, and we are ready to help you as an intended parent(s) or gestational carrier.

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