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Birmingham Grandparent Adoption Lawyer

Nationwide, millions of children are cared for by their grandparents. In Alabama, there are thousands of households that involve a grandparent caring for a grandchild. There are many reasons grandparents become the primary caregivers of their grandchildren. Sometimes, an informal agreement is reached between the parents and grandparents while in other cases, grandchildren are placed with the grandparents through the foster system of the state. In some cases, grandparents want to formalize these relationships and ensure they are long-term. In these instances, a Birmingham grandparent adoption lawyer can help.

The Benefits of Grandparent Adoption in Birmingham

Grandparent adoptions hold many benefits for both the child and the person adopting them. Most importantly, a grandparent adoption can provide the child with a stable home, nurturing, and a real sense of belonging. This is particularly true when the parents are deemed unfit to raise a child. Adoption can also strengthen the bond between the grandparent and child, even if the child was already living with the grandparent at the time.

For grandparents, adopting a grandchild also has many benefits. As the legal guardian of the child, you will have a right to spend time with the child, even if the parents disagree. Once you have rights as legal guardian, you can also make important decisions for the child. These can include the education the child receives, the religion they are raised in, and the medical care that is necessary for the child.

When Can Grandparents Adopt in Birmingham?

There are many instances in which it may be appropriate for a grandparent to adopt a grandchild. These include:

  • The child’s parent or parents have suffered a disability or have passed away,
  • One or both of the child’s parents have developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol
  • The child’s parent or parents have suffered a mental illness
  • One or both of the child’s parents have been incarcerated
  • The parents of the child are unable to financially provide for the child
  • The child has been the victim of neglect or abuse by the parents
  • The parent of the child is a teenager who does not have the resources to provide the necessary care for the child
  • The parents have abandoned the child

When the above situations apply, it is not only possible to adopt a grandchild, but the process is also easier and more straightforward than in other adoption cases, as you are already related to each other. Still, the court will have to determine that a grandparent adoption is in the child’s best interests, so it is important to collect evidence that proves this fact.

Our Grandparent Adoption Lawyer in Birmingham Can Prove Your Case

At Peeples Law, our Birmingham grandparent adoption lawyer knows just how beneficial legalizing your relationship is. Our experienced attorney can guide you through the process and give you and your family the best chance of a positive outcome. Call us now at 205-403-5577 or reach out to us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about the process.

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