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Birmingham Surrogacy Agreement Lawyer

There are many ways to welcome a new baby into the family and surrogacy is an option that is becoming more and more popular today. Surrogacy is the process of one person being artificially inseminated and carrying and delivering the child for another couple. Although surrogacy has brought joys to countless families, there are times when disputes and conflict can arise. It is for this reason it is so important to have a surrogacy agreement that can address these issues. Below, our Birmingham surrogacy agreement lawyer explains what you should include in yours.

Is Surrogacy Legal in Alabama?

Many people are confused about whether surrogacy is even legal in Alabama, as the law does not specifically address the issue. Fortunately, even though there is no legal statute pertaining to the process, surrogacy is legal within the state. In fact, because there is no law pertaining to surrogacy, both traditional and gestational surrogacy are considered legal in the state.

What Should You Include in a Surrogacy Agreement?

To ensure there are no conflicts or issues once the child arrives, it is important to draft a thorough and comprehensive surrogacy agreement. To do this, you should always include the following provisions in your contract:

  • The intentions, rights, and obligations of the intended parents
  • The intentions, rights, and obligations of the surrogate
  • How an escrow account or trust will be designed in order to provide reimbursements and compensation to a surrogate
  • Guidelines all parties must follow throughout the pregnancy regarding communication
  • Provisions regarding the manner in which a surrogate maintains their own health during the pregnancy, including travel, diet, and dangerous activities
  • The level of involvement the intended parents will have in the surrogate’s medical decisions
  • Dispute resolution methods that include potential risks, liabilities, and conflicts
  • Insurance information for the surrogate, the intended parents, and the child

Should You Use a Surrogacy Agreement Template?

A quick online search is enough to show that there are many different surrogacy agreement templates out there. You may be tempted to simply print one of these forms off, fill it in, and have it signed by all parties. Unfortunately, this can only leave you open for future disputes. If you use a template or sample contract, you may place your parental rights in jeopardy once the baby is born. A template may also not address the factors that are unique to your situation.

Instead, it is always advised that you have a Birmingham surrogacy agreements lawyer draft the contract for you. An attorney will understand the full facts of your case and draft an agreement that is enforceable and that protects your rights.

Our Surrogacy Agreement Lawyer in Birmingham Can Draft Your Contract

At Peeples Law, our Birmingham surrogacy agreement lawyer understands the unique issues surrogacy presents. Our knowledgeable attorney will gain a full understanding of your case and include all the important provisions that will protect your rights, and your family’s future. Call us now at 205-403-5577 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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