Child Custody & Custody Plans

Birmingham Child Custody Attorney

Alabama child custody lawyer, Candi Peeples, will help create a custody plan based on the best interests of your child.

Quite often when parents are going through a divorce or if they are not married and conceive a child, they have pre-conceived ideas about the custody process. At our law firm, we will explain Alabama law and the factors that go into the court’s decisions about custody.

  • We will explain possible options that meet your needs and the child’s best interests.
  • In every court, the overriding theme is the best interests of the child.
  • In a discussion with your lawyer, learn the facts about legal custody, sole or joint custody, and physical custody.
  • Given the specific facts of your case and the circumstances of the family, will a custody case be successful?
  • With every decision about custody and parenting, ask what the court will ask: What is best for the child?

Choose an experienced Alabama custody attorney that will work closely with you and listen to your concerns as you develop a custody plan that works for you and your children.

Know the law and find a custody plan that works best for your child.

In almost every case, a child benefits from the guidance and love of both parents. Talk to an experienced Alabama custody lawyer. Call 205-403-5577 for an appointment or contact us by email. Let’s talk about a custody plan that works.