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Monthly Archives: May 2024


Factors That Affect Equitable Distribution In Alabama Divorce

By Peeples Law |

One of the first things a divorce lawyer will tell you about Alabama’s equitable distribution does not always mean equal distribution, but instead, it means fair distribution.  If fair doesn’t mean equal, then what does it mean?  Can judges just decide, arbitrarily, how to divide a couple’s property in divorce.  Is it legal for… Read More »

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Which Spouse Keeps The Family Home After Divorce

By Peeples Law |

If deciding which spouse keeps the marital home is not one of the issues in your divorce, then the path to finalizing your divorce is much shorter.  In some cases, one spouse owned the house before the couple married, so the only option is that he or she keeps the house even after the… Read More »

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Can Grandparents Get Court-Ordered Visitation In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

At first glance, Alabama looks like a paradise for multi-generational families.  It is nothing unusual to see three or even four generations of a family shopping together in the supermarket.  Many Alabamans live in the same area where their grandparents’ grandparents are born, and their families are always nearby to share companionship, responsibilities, bulk… Read More »

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How Do Alimony And Child Support Affect Your Taxes?

By Peeples Law |

Now that tax season is past again, people are even more stressed out than before about their finances.  Now that you are happily single, you spent the first few months of the year feeling relieved that you do not have to ask your spouse’s permission every time you pay to stream a movie on… Read More »

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