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Category Archives: Alimony


How Does The Court Impute Income To Someone Whose Job Skills Are Obsolete?

By Peeples Law |

Technology changes quickly.  If you doubt this, ask a young person to drive a stick shift or show your kids a picture of a VHS tape or rotary telephone and see how perplexed they look.  If your kids are young enough, they have probably never even seen those GPS devices that people used to… Read More »

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Can The Court Decide How Much You Should Earn And How Much You Should Spend?

By Peeples Law |

Imputed income is often a contentious issue in divorce cases.  To determine alimony or child support obligations, the court considers each party’s income, as proven by financial disclosures the parties submit to the court.  Usually, the court bases the alimony amount on the income stated by each spouse.  Sometimes, though, you can argue that… Read More »

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You Know Your Divorce Is Messy When The Court Orders Your Spouse To Pay Temporary Alimony

By Peeples Law |

The word “alimony” strikes fear in the hearts of many breadwinner spouses, but pendente lite does not.  It just sounds like another legalese Latin term.  In fact, pendente lite alimony is the most common type of alimony that the family law courts in Alabama award.  Pendente lite alimony is also known as temporary alimony,… Read More »

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The Role Of Vocational Experts In Alabama Divorce Cases

By Peeples Law |

Divorce is emotionally and financially stressful for everyone, but one of the biggest stresses is having to adjust to reentering the workforce just as you are adjusting to no longer being married.  Many couples agree that one parent will leave the workforce to be a stay-at-home parent, but the couples who can afford to… Read More »

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Do You Have To Continue Paying Alimony If Your Spouse Enters A Romantic Relationship?

By Peeples Law |

When it comes to property division in divorce cases, the courts only look at numbers and leave emotions out of the equation.  If a divorce court has allocated marital assets to you and to your ex-spouse in the amounts it determines are the fairest, or even if you, your ex, and your respective lawyers… Read More »

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How Long Do You Need To Keep Paying Alimony After An Alabama Divorce?

By Peeples Law |

Whenever possible, Alabama divorce courts enable former spouses to make a clean break when separating their finances.  It is much easier to do this when the parties were only married to each other for a short time and when the value of their assets is modest.  Going your separate ways financially after a divorce… Read More »

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How Does The Court Decide How Much Alimony You Get In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

Even though alimony has been a favorite source of material for standup comedians for decades, it is somewhat overhyped in the media.  Most divorces do not involve alimony, and when the court awards one ex-spouse to pay alimony, it is usually only for a few years.  In some cases where one spouse obviously needs… Read More »

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