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Category Archives: Prenuptial Postnuptial


What Happens To The Engagement Ring After A Divorce Or Broken Engagement?

By Peeples Law |

You did everything right, saving up for months to buy an engagement ring that cost thousands of dollars.  You staged a perfect proposal, but only after discussing the matter with her parents.  You got professional engagement photos taken and invited your friends and both of your families to an engagement party.  You went to… Read More »

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Lifestyle Clauses In Prenups May Be Legal, But They Are A Big Red Flag

By Peeples Law |

The purpose of prenuptial agreements is to formalize a strategy for dealing with your finances and debts.  The fact that your inherited house is a non-marital asset, even after your spouse moves in, and because you and your spouse agree to this, matters whether the marriage ends in divorce or in the death of… Read More »

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Important Issues To Discuss With A Divorce Lawyer During Your First Meeting

By Peeples Law |

After months of anticipation, you finally made your move, but now you are a nervous wreck.  In the early hours of January 1, you filled out the online contact form on a divorce lawyer’s website.  You didn’t even wait for Divorce Monday.  Now the law firm has responded to your communication, and you have… Read More »

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Remember Your New Year’s Resolution And Sign A Prenuptial Agreement

By Peeples Law |

Other people are hastening to contact divorce lawyers on Divorce Monday, the first business Monday of the year, but you have other plans.  You and your partner are sure that you want to stay together forever, but you are worried that marriage is a recipe for conflict over finances.  You can avoid a lot… Read More »

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Can A Postnuptial Agreement Save Your Marriage?

By Peeples Law |

Some divorced people will tell you that signing a postnuptial agreement was the beginning of the end of their marriage, and others will say the same thing about signing a prenuptial agreement.  Likewise, couples who are still married may tell you that a postnuptial agreement helped them resolve a dispute or that a prenuptial… Read More »

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