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Category Archives: Child Support


Be Proactive To Avoid Draconian Punishments For Unpaid Child Support

By Peeples Law |

Most of the threats that divorcing spouses make are empty.  Your ex can’t get the court to take away your parenting time just by saying bad things about you to the judge; if anything, this will make the judge want to give you more parenting time.  Your ex cannot impoverish you, because Alabama’s equitable… Read More »

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Retroactive Child Support In Alabama

By Peeples Law |

It is certainly disturbing to receive a letter from the court, asking you to pay child support for a child you have not seen in years, or worse, to take a DNA paternity test, and to pay child support if it turns out that you are the child’s genetic father.  Perhaps you fathered the… Read More »

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How To Stop Children’s Expenses From Being A Constant Source Of Conflict When Co-Parenting

By Peeples Law |

The level of conflict and animosity involved in divorce and co-parenting varies widely from one couple to another.  In some cases, you might not see your ex-spouse’s worst side until your divorce is already final and your ex is jealous of how well you and your children seem to be getting along as a… Read More »

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