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Christmas Card Etiquette For Recently Divorced People


The Christmas season is a beautiful time of joy and togetherness no matter where you live, but this is especially true in Alabama.  Alabamans have a flair for over-the-top Christmas spirit matched by the inhabitants of few other places.  From caroling at the tops of our voices to breaking out the Santa hats and reindeer slippers on Black Friday and wearing them until New Year’s Eve, Alabamans have holiday cheer in spades.  This makes it all the more painful when, having separated from your spouse during the year, you have no one to kiss under the mistletoe this Christmas.  The holiday cards are starting to come in, with studio portraits of your friends with their spouses and children looking like everything is perfect in their lives.  Is it appropriate to send Christmas cards with pictures of your broken family?  Should you tell the recipients of your cards what a difficult year you are having?  This is truly the most difficult thing about divorce, at least when you have a Birmingham divorce lawyer to help you with the legal and financial aspects.

Maintaining Friendships During and After Divorce Is Important

If you sent Christmas cards last year, you should send them this year; don’t fall off of the map just because you are getting a divorce.  Your friends want to hear from you.  Exchanging cards at the holidays is a great way of staying in contact with people that you do not see very frequently.  If you are feeling sad about your first holiday season after separating from your spouse, then seeing a big stack of greeting cards addressed to all the people who sent you cards can be a beautiful reminder of how many friends you have.

Should You Directly Mention Your Divorce in Your Christmas Card?

If you send store bought Christmas cards, then your spouse will not be conspicuously absent from the family portrait that some people take each year for their Christmas cards.  Likewise, if you just stick to holiday greetings and expressions of appreciation for the recipient of the card, then recipients who did not know about your divorce before this year’s Christmas card exchange will not know about it afterward.

If you took your husband’s name when you got married but are changing back to your maiden name upon finalization of your divorce, then the recipients might be able to tell that you have gotten divorced by reading the return address label.  If you don’t want to make this obvious, you can just sign your first name and those of your children inside the card, and you can just write your address on the return address part of the envelope.

Contact Peeples Law About the Little Things That Make Divorce So Difficult

A Birmingham family law attorney can help you accomplish your divorce with as little conflict and expense as possible, so you have more energy to focus on enjoying the holidays with your family.  Contact Peeples Law today to schedule a consultation.



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