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How Does It Feel To Be Divorced?


If you have been psyching yourself up to file for divorce, the content you have been finding online most likely relates to finding the courage to leave an unhappy marriage or coping with the shock that your spouse is leaving you.  A pending divorce is a whirlwind of emotions; sometimes you feel like you can trust no one in this world, and other times you think that, if your spouse continues to behave so considerately toward you, there might be a chance for you to reconcile.  Once your divorce is final, though, there is nothing to do but get used to your new life as a single adult, considerably older than you were the last time you were single.  How do you feel about that?  Everyone’s emotional response to divorce is unique, but they tend to follow the same stages, namely rock bottom, followed by having one’s act together on the outside but falling apart on the inside, followed by cautiously fabulous.  Your emotions belong to you alone, but a Birmingham divorce lawyer can help you navigate the legal aspects of divorce in such a way as to avoid unnecessary stress and expense.

It Feels as Awful as You Think It Feels

Many recently divorced people feel the loneliest that they have ever felt.  They know that the way to feel less lonely is to connect with their family and friends, but doing so feels like an overwhelming amount of work.  They spend weeks in a miasma of eating junk food and binge-watching TV series that aren’t all that interesting.

It Feels Surprisingly OK

Responsible adults know that self-pity gets you nowhere and that acting like you feel fine is a stepping stone toward feeling fine.  People who have been divorced for a few months tend to embrace their new routine and, if they have moved after the divorce, their new residence.  When you aren’t married, then decisions about décor and meals belong to you alone.  You develop new family routines with your children during your parenting time, and you work, do chores, or socialize when your children are with your ex.  In other words, you are a functioning member of the community, even though inside you sometimes still feel lonely and lost.

It Feels as Awkward as Adolescence

Finding a new partner after divorce can be beautiful, but getting back into the dating scene after divorce is not a pretty sight.  Just like when you were a teenager, you will try too hard to impress your dates and to prove to yourself that you are attractive to men or to women.  The same advice that people gave you when you were young and single also applies after divorce, namely that, once you are content with being single, you are ready to be successful in a new relationship.

Contact Peeples Law About Making Divorce as Painless as Possible

A Birmingham family law attorney can stop your divorce from being acrimonious, even though some loneliness and awkwardness are inevitable.  Contact Peeples Law today to schedule a consultation.



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