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What Should You Do To Mark Your Divorce Anniversary


This year, you don’t have to worry about your divorce.  You don’t have to steel yourself for another session of divorce mediation or fight in court for temporary alimony to avoid getting evicted from your house.  Your year of ups and downs in the midst of a pending divorce case, when you’re not quite married but not quite single, is finally over.  The day your divorce became final marked a new beginning, and you are not the only divorced person who wants to do something special to commemorate it.  Being divorced doesn’t mean being lonely.  Just as some couples mark their wedding anniversary with a quiet dinner at home, others invite their friends and extended family to a party to share their togetherness.  As with so many other things in divorce, there is no uniform template for how to commemorate the anniversary of living life on your own terms.  If celebrating your divorce anniversary sounds like a distant dream, a Birmingham divorce lawyer can help you get to the point where you can plan your divorce anniversary party.

Should You Celebrate Your Freedom?

A divorce party is one thing, but a divorce anniversary party is another.  On your first weekend away from the kids after your divorce becomes final, you get drunk with your friends and enumerate all the things you won’t miss about your ex-spouse and your former in-laws.  That’s only fun once.  If you do that every year, it’s the sign of someone who can’t move on; you’re just reliving your divorce instead of celebrating your freedom.  Instead, spend your divorce anniversary doing things it would have been much harder to do if you were still married.  Get together with your friends who share the interests your ex always discouraged, and do the things you enjoy doing together.  If your divorce anniversary falls during your parenting time, include your children in the festivities.  Don’t say the words “divorce” or “anniversary” to your kids, and only mention it in passing to your friends.  Your divorce anniversary is just another day of living your best life.

Should You Celebrate the New Normal With Your Family?

Especially when they have children together, former spouses are still family.  This may not be feasible on the first few divorce anniversaries, but once you have established a new normal, celebrate your divorce anniversary as a family with your ex-spouse, your respective new partners, your children, and any other family members and friends you wish to invite.  Sometimes it’s much easier to have a friendly and familial relationship with your ex-spouse when you no longer have to argue about every grocery bill and every sink full of unwashed dishes.  Your divorce anniversary can be a celebration of family togetherness.

Contact Peeples Law About Making It to Your Divorce Anniversary

A Birmingham family law attorney can help you get through the difficult stages of a pending divorce so that you can move on to a new phase of life that suits you better.  Contact Peeples Law today to schedule a consultation.



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