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Factors That Affect How Much A Divorce Costs


The people who get all worked up about topics that are trending on Google have already contacted divorce lawyers on Divorce Monday, but you are a more thoughtful sort of person.  You also resolved to get started on your divorce at the beginning of 2024, but first, you are doing a little bit more research.  If everyone whose spouse got on their last nerve during the holidays contacts a divorce lawyer on Divorce Monday, it follows that, by the second week of January, divorce lawyers will get tired of answering the same questions over and over again and will just start directing people to the frequently asked questions page of their websites, like the employees at the Library of Congress do when aspiring writers ask them the same questions again and again, questions that have obvious answers which are clearly visible on the FAQ page.  You are doing more research before you start discussing things with your lawyer, such as how much your divorce will cost.  There is no one size fits all answer about how much it costs to get divorced in Alabama, but you can get a clearer idea of how much it will cost in your case when you contact a Birmingham divorce lawyer.

Alabama Is One of the Least Expensive States to Get Divorced

Some people stay in unhappy marriages because they are afraid that divorce will wreck their finances.  This group includes people who think that the court will award most of the marital property to their ex-spouse or order them to pay unaffordable amounts in alimony or child support.  It also includes people who are confident that, through mediation or a judge’s decision about equitable distribution, they will eventually get their fair share of the marital property, but who are worried about the cost of the divorce process itself, including the divorce paperwork and the attorneys’ fees for both spouses.

The fee for filing for divorce varies from one county to another, but Alabama is among the states with the least expensive fees for filing divorce paperwork.  According to Go Banking Rates, the average filing fee in Alabama is $400, and the average cost of a divorce case, from beginning to end, is about $10,000.  Of course, every divorce case is unique.  Your divorce case will cost less the less property you and your spouse own together, which means that divorce is simplest after a brief marriage where neither spouse owns much valuable property.  Regardless of your income level and the length of your marriage, divorce is more complicated if you and your spouse have minor children together.  Even if you have children and own one or more houses, most couples can agree on all the terms of their divorce during mediation, without going to trial.

Contact Peeples Law About Getting Started on Your Divorce

A Birmingham family law attorney can help you keep the costs of your divorce affordable.  Contact Peeples Law today to schedule a consultation.



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