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Why Consider Mediation For Your Alabama Divorce?


Divorce often brings to mind thoughts of drawn out, adversarial legal battles. However, that does not have to be your experience. Divorce does not have to be handled by a judge in a courtroom with you pitted against your spouse; there are other options which can be far more productive and collaborative. Mediation allows you and your spouse to meet with a neutral third-party. This third-party is a lawyer, trained extensively in conflict resolution. They will guide you to find collaborative solutions for the issues that come up in dissolving your marriage.

Why Mediation Might be Right for You

Mediation may be right for you if you are looking for a faster and more cost-effective alternative to a traditional divorce. Mediation is generally less expensive, less stressful, more productive, and more expeditious than a traditional trial-based divorce. Many couples also prefer mediation because it gives them the power to make all decisions related to their own divorce. Whereas in court, each spouse may present their side, the ultimate decision is out of their hands and left up to a judge. However, in mediation, the couple remains in control of all outcomes.

If you and your spouse have children, own a business together, or have another reason that will require you to stay in contact and on good terms after the divorce, mediation can be a good option, because it keeps you working together as a team, rather than putting you on opposite sides of the issue. Additionally, mediation can be a great way to build communication skills and learn how to better hear and respond to your partner. Some couples believe that mediation will not be a good option for them if they have struggled with communication in their relationship. However, mediation can actually be a great way to learn how to better and more effectively communicate. Particularly if you have children, it is so important to build on those communication skills and learn how to better collaborate moving into this next chapter. Provided both spouses are committed to trying to make mediation work and are open to learning and adjusting how they engage with their spouse, prior difficulties in communication are not necessarily an indicator that mediation won’t work for you, but rather, a reason to seriously consider it. Just because your relationship as spouses is ending, doesn’t mean there is no benefit to still investing in your relationship as co-parents, co-business-owners, or co-existing single individuals by learning how to better communicate and work together for a common goal with the guidance and assistance of a trained professional.

Important Considerations About Mediation

The first and most important criteria for mediation to work is that both spouses voluntarily agree to it. If one spouse will not agree, then the divorce will proceed through court. It’s also important that there is no history of domestic violence, that both spouses are prepared to be transparent and forthcoming about their finances, and that you can agree on custody terms if you have shared children.

Talk to an Experienced Mediation Lawyer

If you are considering mediation or other options for your divorce, the experienced Birmingham divorce attorneys at Peeples Law can help you determine the best path forward. Call today and schedule a consultation.

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