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Birmingham Divorce Lawyer > Blog > Child Custody > Can Co-Parenting Finance Apps Prevent Conflict With Your Ex-Spouse?

Can Co-Parenting Finance Apps Prevent Conflict With Your Ex-Spouse?


Chat GPT can compose prose that flows like human speech, but it has no manners.  It simply remixes what it reads online, much of which is unspeakably rude, and then produces new content in a matter-of-fact way.  Web content is frighteningly effective at pushing our buttons and provoking our anger in ways that no flesh and blood human being can, though, with one exception.  Even if a chatbot were to stand on the shoulders of ten thousand Internet trolls, it could never get under your skin the way that your ex-spouse can.  In fact, family law courts acknowledge that former spouses are on such bad terms with each other that it is impossible for them to communicate with each other directly.  If you and your ex cannot stand to talk to each other, the court might order you to communicate through intermediaries, such as extended family members, lawyers, or even chatbots.  If you need to discuss important matters with your ex-spouse because you have children together, but you cannot talk to your ex without losing your temper, you can always talk to a Birmingham child custody lawyer.

When You Can’t Stand Your Ex, but Parallel Parenting Isn’t an Option

Reaching a compromise with your spouse about children’s expenses is stressful even for happily married couples; it is even harder if you get divorced.  Your parenting plan should specify which parent has the final decision about which matters related to the children’s expenses, and your child support order will indicate how much one parent should pay to the other each money.  Your divorce decree will also indicate which parent may claim the children as dependents on income tax returns in which year and which parent must pay for health insurance coverage for the children.

No matter how detailed your divorce documents are, situations will probably arise where you and your ex-spouse must jointly make financial decisions related to your children.  If you cannot stand to talk to each other, the court might order you to use an app like Our Family Wizard, which archives your messages in case of future litigation.  It even suggests polite responses to your ex’s messages and has a “tone meter” that lets you know when your message sounds too belligerent or too snarky.  There are also expense tracking apps where you and your spouse can see in real time what the other is spending on the children without having to talk about it.  With these apps, you can greatly reduce the phone conversations and in-person meetings you have with your ex, while still complying with court orders to make decisions jointly about your children’s finances.

Contact Peeples Law About Co-Parenting After an Acrimonious Divorce

You might need a family law attorney to help you communicate with your ex-spouse.  A Birmingham family law attorney can help you when your ex-spouse refuses to listen to reason or when being in the same room with your ex is simply too volatile a situation.  Contact Peeples Law today to schedule a consultation.



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