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Monthly Archives: July 2021


Can I Get A Legal Separation In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

Changing the structure of your marriage is a deeply personal decision. Some people are intimidated by the stigmas associated with divorce, or may be looking for an option that is less permanent, in case they are able to reconcile their differences with their spouse. In any case, if you have reached an impasse in… Read More »

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Can I Adopt My Spouse’s Child?

By Peeples Law |

Families come together in many ways and marriage is one of them. It’s completely understandable that a stepparent would want to legally codify their relationship to their step-child (or children) by legally adopting them. Legally adopting your stepchild gives you all the rights and privileges of a biological or legal parent. This can make… Read More »

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How Does Custody Work For Unmarried Parents In Alabama?

By Peeples Law |

Often, child custody comes up in the context of a divorce. However, child custody agreements are relevant whenever parents share custody of a child, regardless of their marital status. While most custody laws in Alabama cater to situations in which a child was born inside of a marriage, a family law attorney can help… Read More »

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What Can I Do If My Spouse Won’t Sign Divorce Papers?

By Peeples Law |

Getting a divorce is difficult even in the best of circumstances. It is not an easy decision to dissolve a marriage, and even when both spouses agree that it is the best decision, it can bring up a lot of complicated emotions and reactions that can make even an amicable divorce rocky. However, when… Read More »

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