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Monthly Archives: April 2024


What Can Go Wrong With A Week By Week Parenting Rotation?

By Peeples Law |

Sharing parenting time equally with your ex-spouse is an admirable goal, but it is hard to make it work in practice.  Some parents rotate custody week by week, where the children spend one week with Mom followed by one week with Dad, and the cycle repeats until the children reach adulthood, at least in… Read More »

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Rebuilding Your Finances From Zero After Divorce

By Peeples Law |

From the outside, being a stay-at-home parent might look like a dream come true.  It might look like your time is spent on cultivating family togetherness and, for a certain number of hours per week, on enjoying the peace and quiet of your own home.  It can work out well if you and your… Read More »

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Gray Divorce After A Tumultuous Marriage

By Peeples Law |

People over the age of 50 account for the fastest growing share of divorce filings, but the only thing that all of these couples have in common is that all of them are on the mailing list of the AARP.  The usual narrative about gray divorce that you see on celebrity news websites and… Read More »

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